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Tell Me Tuesday

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

How’s your week going? I’ve been very busy working on my WIP and also doing tons of promo stuff for Penny. In fact, I did so much computer-oriented promo for Penny on the weekend that I think it affected my eyesight. Honestly, for awhile there, I couldn’t focus beyond two feet.

The RITA reading is motoring along. I just began the seventh book in my judging packet. Two more to go after that (which means I received 9 books to judge in total—wow, that’s a lot!). I’m saving the longest book for the last. If I’d read it first and time had started getting away on me, I would have begun to panic. This way, reading the shortest books first at random, I can feel free to take my time with the fat book. Note I am not short-shifting the short books to accomplish this! They just take a shorter time to read, obviously.

If you haven’t checked out my Upcoming Guest Bloggers listings in the sidebar in awhile, I received a request the other day to host my first co-authors. Karen Tintori and Jill Gregory, co-authors of the thriller, THE ILLUMINATION, are visiting next Wednesday, February 4th (I didn’t include links for their names, because it appears they are both updating their websites). They’ll both be here to respond to comments, and they’re giving away a copy of the book, so please make sure to drop by. Information about THE ILLUMINATION will go up February 3rd, so there’ll be no Tell Me Tuesday next week. Which means, if you have something to tell me, do it today. Quick, before the offer expires.