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Bye-Bye ER

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I watched the series finale of ER last night. Hard to believe the series started when Youngest Son was three or four years old. I’ve watched ER from the first episode, and I don’t think I’ve missed more than a handful of episodes in the last fifteen years. The series retrospective and finale was worthy of my favorite TV show. Yes, even when Grey’s Anatomy made an appearance, as much as I love that show, if I’d had to choose between the two, I would have chosen ER. Well, now I don’t have to choose, because Grey’s is the only medical drama I’m watching now. I tried getting into Private Practice and couldn’t. Okay, that’s not really fair. I watched the first episode and it didn’t catch me. I like my medical dramas set in hospitals. Plus, I was never truly enamoured of the character of Addison Montgomery while she was on Grey’s, so why would I follow her spin-off?

Boston Legal wrapped up in the fall, and Men in Trees was cancelled last year. With the ending of ER, I’m three TV shows down in my weekly line-up! My PVR could use the break. I’ve added Castle to the line-up, frankly because one of the main characters is a writer and I like seeing how his profession influences the story. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll stick with it. I’m enjoying it, but if it disappeared, I wouldn’t miss it. And, what the heck, I’ll try Southland next Thursday. I haven’t watched a cop drama since Hill Street Blues, so I’ll give it a whirl.

I really enjoyed the ER series finale. After suffering super disappointing finales when Seinfeld and Will & Grace ended, both NBC shows, I admit I was a little worried. But the story lines and relationships all wrapped up nicely, and the introduction of Mark Greene’s daughter, Rachel, as a newbie medical student was a  nice touch that brought the series full circle. Okay, so Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway were missing from the finale, but I loved how the series caught up with them last week. And, after all this time, I think the character of Dr. John Carter has finally grown on me.

So, bye-bye ER. I rarely buy DVD box sets of TV series. In fact, the only one I do have is Sex and the City, because My Liege and the boys saw fit to buy them for me. But I think I sense an ER collection in my future. And I love the idea of watching the series from the beginning again, see if I can catch any guest stars making double appearances as different characters (naughty, naughty). And who wouldn’t want to watch Dr. Romano lose his arm to a helicopter blade again? The arrogrant twerp.

Did you watch ER? Will you miss it? Which character(s) did you enjoy the most?