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I’m Either Boring Or A Promo Whiz

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Sooooooooo, the other day while I was exploring my web host in search of stats, I came across the top 16 search strings for the month of November (so far) that would lead to my website.

What’s a search string, you ask? For the sake of those who don’t know, it’s the words or phrase that a person might type into the search window of their favorite search engine (like Google, for example). Then you get a list of clickable websites.

Every so often I visit another author’s blog where she lists the hilarious search results leading to her website. Mine ain’t so hilarious. But I’m glad to see that the—ta-da—number 1 phrase in my Top 16 Search Strings is…”muse interrupted blog.” Which means the majority of my visitors are looking for me via my blog name. In fact, 26.67% of browsers, to be exact.

Here’s the Top 16:

  1. muse interrupted blog (26.67% – excellent!)
  2. (16.67% – excellent. And Procter is spelled correctly—bonus!)
  3. muse interrupted (13.33% – excellent again!)
  4. ada marie finkel (say what? I don’t know this person. Also, note, from this point on every search string drops to 3.33% of searches)
  5. author of war with grampa (I am an author, my dead grampa—and that’s how I spell it—was in WWI, so this search string makes sense)
  6. be there or not be there movie (????)
  7. cindy procter king (yay, Procter is spelled correctly again! Although the hyphen is missing.)
  8. cindy proctor king blog donna russo morin (Procter is spelled wrong—booooooo!—but I do have a blog and I have hosted author Donna Russo Morin as a guest)
  9. danielle chiotti romantic suspense (Danielle is an agent I must have mentioned in a blog post at some point)
  10. golden heart contest (makes sense, seeing as I’ve finaled in the Golden Heart, I have a group blog with other GH finalists, and I have an article about entering the GH in my site archives)
  11. how to remove mal occhio (I have no freaking idea why this search string would lead to my website! I don’t even know what mal occhio is, although it sure doesn’t sound good)
  12. if i final in the golden heart will i have a chance to revise m (I’m assuming the rest of the word is manuscript, and my answer to the question is…it seems to vary from year to year. The year I finaled, 2007, no, we were not given the chance to fiddle with our fulls. I do believe it’s a rare year that you are given the opportunity to submit an updated version of your full, if, in fact, it EVER occurs)
  13. kates new cover (we all know how obsessive I am about posting news for Kate St. James, although we can’t figure out why)
  14. kelly fitzpatrick author (no idea why Kelly’s name leads to my blog)
  15. old wallboard (I’ve used this phrase in an article or post about my office)
  16. yip yap yahooey (a “Cindyism,” so this last one makes sense, too.)

There you have it.

If you have a hankering to dig up your own search strings, let me know about it and I’ll pop over to your blog and take a look. I’m pretty sure the fact that my top 3 searches are variations on my author name or blog name is because I posted to one of my loops recently asking people to see if they could reach my blog (see Monday’s post for why). I provided the link within the email, but maybe they found it easier to plug the blog name into a search engine.

Or maybe I really am a promo whiz!