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2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I feel they are made to be broken. To set me up to fail. I usually make mid-January birthday resolutions instead. Don’t ask me why, they work better.

However, this year, this year I shall overcome my fear of NYRs! In fact, I’m posting some right now. If I don’t achieve them, you can light me on fire. Okay, just my pants. While I’m not wearing them. Preferably when I’m nowhere near them. Like, they are outside and I’m inside. Like, I’ve taken them to the dump and returned home already. Like, you can light them on fire at the dump. Like?

Just don’t be stalkerish about it.

Cindy’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

#1 Finish my Galapagos travel posts. Before I go somewhere else.

#2 Sort through and shred the nine file storage boxes full of documents from my writing “career” that have been sitting in my office for the last 18 months. Don’t break the shredder this time. Remember to oil it evey 20 minutes. If I break it again, burn the frickin’ boxes without sorting them.

#3 Don’t dig ONE more file box of old documents out of crawlspace until 2014 minimum. I don’t care if it says, “Shred in 2007” on it.

#4 Put pictures from Peru trip into photo albums. I am only three years behind this one. Three years behind on photo albums is pretty darn good, wouldn’t you agree?

#5 Think about creating photo albums from Galapagos. Only THINK about it. Don’t actually do it. I don’t want to get a reputation as an overachiever!

#6 If I must, put G.I. pictures on nice big digital frame instead.

#7 Postpone re-hanging pictures in living room following the painting that ended a month ago as long as humanly possible.

#8 Do the laundry twice without complaining.

#9 Eat two more chocolate bars per month.

#10 Make plans to paint the hallway, the bedroom, the wainscoting, the office, and don’t follow through on them.

#11 Don’t fall through big hole in sundeck—same sundeck husband keeps promising to rebuild “this year.”

#12 Stop buying salt ‘n vinegar chips every other Tuesday. Change to Wednesdays instead.


#13 Become a mommy-in-law!!! Hip-hip-hooree!

Do you have any NYRs?

WHERE SHE BELONGS Cover Reveal and Kindle Release!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

WHERE SHE BELONGS is finally available as a Kindle edition on Amazons around the world! Including Canadian Amazon! The trade paperback edition is currently at Amazon and CreateSpace. The trade paperback will eventually find its way to Canadian Amazon and also the Barnes and Noble website. It took HEAD OVER HEELS 8 weeks to get to Canadian Amazon. Hopefully, it won’t take WHERE SHE BELONGS as long. But such in the publishing life. Hurry up and wait.

I’ve been promising to reveal the new cover for WHERE SHE BELONGS for several days, and I just now realized I have to update the cover in the sidebar of my blog, too. For tonight, I’ll get by just posting the cover here. If you can also see it (instead of the hardcover version of the cover) in my sidebar, that’s because you didn’t read this post ten seconds after I wrote it. And you know what that makes you, don’t you? Very naughty. You’ll be lucky if Santa visits this year, I swear.

But I’m not a grinch, so I forgive you.

Without further rigmarole…

Well, where is it? WordPress isn’t playing nicely with me today…

I’m getting ticked off!



There it is! Only took four tries to get it to post. I thought for a second there I had lost all ability TO post an image. Phew.

If you want to see the full trade paperback cover flat, click this link, which will take you to another page on my website. First, a large version of the front cover will appear, but then, THEN, only if you’re very, very good, you will scroll down and the full paperback cover will miraculously appear. Just like a lump of coal in a stocking.

To read an excerpt and some reviews, please visit the WSB book page.

Discount Over at Amazon

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

HEAD OVER HEELS is no longer being discounted at Amazon. It was nice while it lasted! That said, the ebook is still and will always remain cheaper than a latte. And brings you just as much kick, too!

I’m madly updating my website today in preparation for the Kindle and trade paperback release of WHERE SHE BELONGS. The release date is tentatively December 17th, however, as I learned last year at this time when the library-hardcover edition was supposed to release December 16th and yet wasn’t quite available for sale, sometimes there’s a lag between “release date” and “yay, I can buy it now.” So it might be Tuesday, rather than Monday, before the Kindle edition and trade paperback actually appear on sale, regardless of release date.

Never fear, all shall be released on the blog as soon as I have the links to the various pages. And you know what that means. Cover reveal! That’s half the fun, getting responses to the new cover. I simply adore it, and I hope you will, too.

EBook Discount Continues at Amazon

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Amazon still has the Kindle edition of HEAD OVER HEELS discounted to .99 cents. That’s a savings of $2.00. Amazon’s discounting has nothing to do with the Elves Made Me Do It Holiday Sale, which was across several platforms, and ended a few days ago. If you visit Canadian Amazon, the book is back to its regular price of $2.99 there, but American Amazon is still carrying the huge discount.

Not sure how long this will last, so if you want a copy, I can honestly say this is the cheapest you’ll find it all year (not that it was expensive to begin with). That link once again?

There you go.

Last Day of 99 Cent Holiday Sale

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Today’s the last day of the one-week long The Elves Made Me Do it Holiday sale on HEAD OVER HEELS. Here are the links again if you’re interested. Tomorrow, December 12th, the price goes back up to the regular ol’ $2.99. Those elves are nasty. “It’s not my fault.”




ARe – You can check that link, but the 66% discount ran until “December 11th,” so the ARe sale might already be over as of midnight, I’m not sure.

In other news, WHERE SHE BELONGS will release in ebook and trade paperback formats on (or as close to “on” as possible, depending how fast the e-tailers put up the book) December 17th! It’s been a year since WHERE SHE BELONGS released in library hardcover, and I can’t wait to to see it available in ebook and the more affordable trade paperback. I have the cover art, and it’s gorgeous! I will share it soon!

Thanks to everyone who’s bought HEAD OVER HEELS since it was re-issued at the end of August. I sincerely appreciate every one of my readers. Happy holidays to you all!

Canadian Amazon Now Selling Kindle Books

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Just found out this morning that Canadians can now buy Kindle books from Canadian Amazon! Don’t believe me? Check out this search listing of my name. Ta-da!

All three of my Kindle releases, HEAD OVER HEELS, Deceiving Derek, and Catching Claire are now available for purchase in Canadian dollars. The Elves Made Me Do It One Week Sale is still in process, which means HEAD OVER HEELS is only .99 cents from Canadian Amazon as well as Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes. And the 66% off promotion remains in effect at ARe.

I am very excited that Canadians can now buy Kindle books direct from Our exchange rate on the American dollar is very good right now, so it’s not like we’re paying that much more to buy ebooks from U.S. Amazon. But when you buy in Canadian dollars, you know exactly what you’re paying.

Way to go, Amazon. I’m sure the existence of Kobo and their plans for world domination had nothing to do with this <evil grin>.


HEAD OVER HEELS A Daily Special…

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

…From now until December 9th on StoryFinds.

The Elves Made Me Do It One Week Sale continues! The ebook of HEAD OVER HEELS is only .99 cents at Amazon, Kobo, and Apple iTunes. Plus, it’s discounted 66% (to a couple pennies over a buck) at All Romance EBooks, which includes ePub (for reading on NOOK, among other devices), .mobi and PDF formats.

Get your HOHoho!

Happy holidays!

Get Your HOHoho!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

HEAD OVER HEELS is discounted by 66% for one week only at All Romance EBooks. It’s usually $2.99 and now it’s just over a buck. I’m calling it The Elves Made Do It December Sale, on now until Tuesday, December 11th.

HEAD OVER HEELS is also discounted to .99 cents (woot!!) for Kindle, Kobo, and on Apple iTunes. Unfortunately, the distributor for NOOK and Sony can’t get the new pricing information to those venues fast enough, so if you check those sites HEAD OVER HEELS won’t be discounted. Grr. I know. Tick me off.

But the good news is that All Romance EBooks sells ePub (for NOOK or Sony Readers) and PDF formats (for printing) as well as Mobi (Kindle). So NOOK readers can still get some HOHoho.

Doesn’t everyone want some HOHoho?

WHERE SHE BELONGS releases in ebook December 17th. I’ve seen the initial cover comp by Kim Killion of The Killion Group, and it’s gorgeous! The Elves Made Me Do It December Sale on HEAD OVER HEELS is an early celebration of the amazing new cover and the upcoming ebook release of WHERE SHE BELONGS.

Make your elves happy. Release their HOHoho!

WHERE SHE BELONGS EBook and Trade Paperback News

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Some good news! WHERE SHE BELONGS released in library-hardcover from Five Star Expressions in December 2011. Nearly one year ago. I love that the book has been available in some libraries, but it was the last of the Expressions line…so it didn’t make it into nearly as many libraries as I would have liked. And, let’s face it, hardcovers are expensive for readers to purchase. So I’ve been thankful that, thanks to AudioLark, the book has also been up at Audible and iTunes since spring of this year. But, let’s face it, audiobooks can also be expensive (unless you’re counting the audiobook for HEAD OVER HEELS—it’s a steal at Audible). Well, my contract with Five Star, in conjunction with Tekno Books, did not include ebook and trade paperback rights (other than Large Print trade paperback rights; Five Star has 18 months from hardcover publication to choose to exploit the Large Print rights). But “regular-print” trade paperback rights and ebook rights remained with me. I just can’t release the book in those formats until one year following the hardcover release.

That one year will expire December 17th!

Yes, folks, I have a tentative ebook and trade paperback release date for WHERE SHE BELONGS, of December 17, 2012. A little more than two weeks from now.

The release date caught me a bit by surprise, as I had mistakenly thought I couldn’t release the ebook until January 2013. So this week I’ve been madly proofreading the manuscript yet again (to catch any mistakes that made it into the hardcover edition—there were five), and Thursday I emailed the file to my formatter. I’ve also been going nuts trying to find the perfect images for the book to send to the cover artist. But those got sent off Thursday, too!

With luck, this means I’ll have all the files returned in time to upload the ebook to Kindle December 17th. The trade paperback might take a bit longer, because I’ll need to wait for CreateSpace to send me a proof copy (which always takes longer coming to Canada). Then I’ll need to check it over and give the final okay for the paper book to go on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as eventually appearing at Amazon Canada and other third-party venues through Extended Distribution. You can be sure that, as each release occurs, I’ll announce it here.

Alas, the re-issue of BORROWING ALEX keeps getting pushed back, first because I decided to revise Deceiving Derek and write Catching Claire, then because I went to the NINC conference, then because of website updates and getting the new newsletter running. Oh, and some house renovations (that are continuing). And then suddenly deciding to work on WHERE SHE BELONGS.

Next week I’ll open my BORROWING ALEX files and begin revisions and updating for the Indie re-issue. However, at this point, considering the holiday season is upon us, I’m now not anticipating releasing BORROWING ALEX until early 2013. I’m still having another ebook release in 2012. I just flipped them around. 🙂

Meanwhile, BORROWING ALEX remains for sale as an audiobook at Audible and iTunes.