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Fool for Love Week!

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

In honor of April Fool’s Day, the price of my romantic comedy ebook, HEAD OVER HEELS, has been lowered to 99 cents until April 5th! That’s Monday to Friday, alllllllllll week. Well, actually I’m posting this on March 31st. And the book is already on sale at the retail outlets listed below, so “hop” to it. Here are the links. Please feel free to share!


Amazon Canada

Amazon UK




All Romance EBooks – where the price is actually $1.02 because of how they work discounts, but where you can buy PDF, .mobi (Kindle) or ePub formats. If you have a Sony reader, ARe is a great place to buy ePubs instead of waiting (seemingly forever, it seems) for the books to appear on the Sony store. HEAD OVER HEELS is at Sony, but unfortunately is not on sale over there.

Apple Accomplished! And “Heads” Up About Next Week

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

WHERE SHE BELONGS is now on Apple! Slurpilicious reading for your iPad or iPhone. Smashwords is the only distributor that remains. Will tap you when it’s there.

Also, a “Heads” up to check the blog on Monday. Yes, that’s April Fool’s Day. But I ain’t foolin’.

My Books on Local Bookstore Shelves!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you might recall the post from not so long ago where I bemoaned the fact that while I was signing copies of one of Penny’s books in a local bookstore, I neglected to take a picture for posterity. Well, I still don’t have a picture of Penny’s short story anthology on bookstore shelves, but thanks to my fake nephew-in-law, I DO have a picture of WHERE SHE BELONGS and HEAD OVER HEELS for sale in an actual bookstore. Yay!

This doesn’t happen very often for me, so it’s a moment to savor. Here’s the shot:


See that hand? Fake NIL (or maybe that’s Real Niece…the hand looks a little small…does Fake NIL have girlie hands?) is holding WHERE SHE BELONGS, which is face out on the shelves (always a good thing) and, to the left, right above the word “Where,” you can see the spines of three copies of HEAD OVER HEELS. In a few months, the reissue of BORROWING ALEX will hopefully join them. (Read that as, if locals buy HEAD OVER HEELS and WHERE SHE BELONGS, then the bookstore will be happy to stock more of my books as I write them. If, however, the books go untouched, then…well, I’m not promising anything. But they might go bye-bye.) (Awwwwwww.)

So if you’re Canadian and you happen to know that you live in a town close to me, instead of ordering my books (in trade paperback) off Amazon Canada (although you can do that if you wish!), you can pop down to the big independent bookstore on Main Street and ask for copies there. Remember where the old Eaton’s used to be? That’s where you go. The store has two syllables in its name. The first syllable starts with B (I wonder what word describing a bookstore could start with a B?), and the last letter of the store name is D.

There, it’s like your very own Easter egg hunt. Except it’s a bookstore hunt!

While you’re there, ask to see Cindy’s “Evil Twin’s book.” Two words in the title. First word starts with an N. Second words starts with an H. The manager and one of the clerks know which book it is.

Isn’t this fun?

Where She Belongs on Kobo and All Romance EBooks

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Slowly, very slowly, WHERE SHE BELONGS is making its way onto the various ebook websites. It’s already on Kindle and NOOK, and now you can find it at Kobo and All Romance Ebooks. Next stops: Apple and Smashwords! Smashwords will distribute the book to Sony and various outlets. However, it can take weeks, if not months, to make the Sony connection. Readers with Sony e-readers can buy the book in ePub format from ARe, however. So all is not lost!

Authors Are People Too Interview

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The fabulous Lauren Royal recently interviewed me for her blog, and the post is live now. Her series of author interviews is called Authors Are People, Too, and I was allowed to talk about anything other than writing. Lauren asks great questions, so pop over and see my answers!

Here are the questions I answered:

What are your interests outside of writing? (Pop over to see my answer!)

If you could do something dangerous just once with no risk, what would you do? (Pop over to see my answer).

If you had to give up chocolate or alcohol, which would you choose or why? This one was a no-brainer for me. See if you can guess which it is before you pop over (to see my answer).

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever collected? Oh, boy, that’s asking a lot! I’m pretty weird. Which you’ll find out (way more than you ever wanted to) if you pop over

What’s the worse job you’ve ever had? Hint: No, it wasn’t when I worked in a prison. You won’t find out unless you…

What’s your guilty pleasure? Poppity-pop!

Would you rather meet your great-great-grandparents or your great-great-grandchildren? Which would you choose? I know what I said…Pop!

– You just won $100,000, and you have to spend it all on yourself today. No saving, no gifts, no charity allowed. What are you going to buy?  (You try answering that) —> Pop on over! Here’s the link.

Thank you, Lauren, for asking such great questions.

Back on NOOK!

Friday, March 15th, 2013

HEAD OVER HEELS, Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire are all available again for NOOK!

Next week or shortly thereafter, WHERE SHE BELONGS will also be available to download to your NOOK. For now, the hardcover and trade paperback editions are on the Barnes & Noble website.

Join Me at Norah Wilson’s Workspace Wednesdays!

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Today I’m over at fellow Canadian Norah Wilson’s blog, sharing pictures and stories about my workspace. I’m also giving away a Kindle copy of WHERE SHE BELONGS and a second give-away—the winner’s choice of a Kindle or ePub edition of HEAD OVER HEELS.

All you have to do is hop on over to Norah’s blog, read my little ditty and then answer my question in the Comments section.

Note, replies here do not qualify for the give-away. You gotta go to Norah’s!

By the way, did you note the date today? Wednesday the 13th, 2013. I was born on a Wednesday the 13th. That makes today an especially lucky day. The more thirteens, the better! (Says Moi).

My EBooks Temporarily Not for Sale for NOOK

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

My ebooks are temporarily not available for sale for NOOK from the Barnes and Noble website. I am working with a new distributor to get them back up again as fast as possible. In the meantime, if you’re looking for my books for NOOK, you can purchase ePub files, which the NOOK reads, from Smashwords and All Romance EBooks.

Note, the distribution of my Kindle, Kobo and Apple editions are not affected. Just NOOK.

While I’m talking distribution, my apologies to those readers who have been looking for my ebooks for the Sony e-reader. Right now, only HEAD OVER HEELS is available for Sony. Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire have been in the queue for uploading to Sony since early November! I am not at all pleased with that, um, speed. If there were another way to try and get my books onto Sony, I would pursue it at this point. But I’m out of luck until another distrubtion opportunity arises.

Like the NOOK, however, the Sony reader also reads ePub files. So look to Smashwords or ARe for ePub editions.


Two New Audiobooks!

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire are now available as audiobooks from One Acre Audio! I found out quite by accident, as the publisher uploads to Audible and then Audible determines the release date. We expected the short stories to release on audio maybe next week. However, a reader alerted me over the weekend that she had already purchased her copies from iTunes. So I checked, and yep, the audiobooks are up!

Here are some quick and easy links:

Deceiving Derek – Audible
Deceiving Derek – iTunes

Catching Claire – Audible
Catching Claire – iTunes

Both shorts are narrated by Ariana Westfield.

By the way, pop by on Wednesday. I’ll have a little surprise. 😉