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Save 40% on PICTURE IMPERFECT on Kobo!

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Attention Kobo Readers! PICTURE IMPERFECT is 40% off at Kobo only December 15-19th, 2016! Grab your copy with promo code 40DEC at checkout!

Kobo Massive Summer Sale – 50% Off My Books!

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Received an announcement from Kobo today that they are holding a “Massive Summer Sale” from now until August 31st, 50% off eBooks using the Promo Code SALE50 upon checkout. All of my books are included in the sale, with the exception of WHERE SHE BELONGS, which is currently exclusive to Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (but only $0.99 until September 2nd, so still a great deal, just only at Amazon).

Here are the links for my books at Kobo, 50% off! But you must use the Promo Code SALE50 on checkout:

BORROWING ALEX – Regularly Priced $3.99, 50% off at Kobo

HEAD OVER HEELS – Regularly Priced $3.99, 50% off at Kobo

DOUBLE THE KISSES – A great deal, as this is a bundle which features both BORROWING ALEX and HEAD OVER HEELS, Regularly Price at $4.99 but 50% off at Kobo until the 31st!

My short stories, DECEIVING DEREK and CATCHING CLAIRE, both regularly priced at $0.99 are also 50% at Kobo using the Promo Code SALE50.

Happy Koboing!

And my thanks to Kobo for including my books!

WHERE SHE BELONGS and Kindle Unlimited

Monday, August 10th, 2015

I haven’t had one of my books in Amazon’s KDP Select program for two and a half years. Then, it was WHERE SHE BELONGS, the same book I enrolled in Select near the beginning of July to experiment with changes to the Kindle Unlimited program. The book comes out of the program in early October.

For anyone who’s not familiar with KDP Select, the “Select” program gives Amazon the exclusive right to sell books enrolled in the program for a three-month term. Readers can buy the book outright (if you like to re-read ebooks or collect them, this is the best option) or readers enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for their country can “borrow” the right to read how many books they want for a set price per month. But you can’t keep the books on your ereader for re-reading.

Last time I was in Select, authors were paid per “borrow” of an entire book for the Kindle Lending Library or authors were paid a royalty if readers purchased the book outright. Enrolling in Select can really help an author’s visibility, because Amazon algorithms might favor books enrolled. But it’s not just enough to be enrolled in Select. You need the right advertising when you’re running a promotion to really get Amazon’s algorithms to work for you as an author. Otherwise, Select might do nothing for you and might actually hurt you, because you’re losing out on buyers looking for your book on Kobo, iBooks, NOOK, etc., and not finding it.

Kindle Unlimited came into being last summer, and I and a whole lot of other authors saw a huge drop in Amazon royalties as readers were being tempted into the subscription model. I also write under a pen name, and sales for that pen name with an established e-press literally plummeted after Kindle Unlimited came into play. Back then, authors were still paid per “borrow” if enrolled in Kindle Select, which meant that short stories earned an author the same royalty as a borrowed 400-page novel. So KU became flooded with short pieces, evidently. And the changes to the program this July were a result of that. Now, authors are paid per page read, so if a reader downloads a book through Kindle Unlimited and quits reading it halfway through, the author only gets paid for the pages actually read.

I’m not here to debate the pros and cons of the system, I just wanted to explain it to potential readers. I believe the best course of action is to place one’s books on as many e-platforms as one can, and that is how I’ve operated since I began independently publishing. But I am a slow writer, and this summer I decided, what the heck, I’ll experiment with the new Kindle Unlimited program. I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised, because as of a day or two ago, over 100,000 pages of WHERE SHE BELONGS have been read in August, which, for ME (not necessarily for any other author) is a huge success, but not a success I could have achieved had my book not been accepted by places like BookBub and EReader News Today for advertising.

The KENPs–Kindle Edition Normalized Page count–for WHERE SHE BELONGS is 384 pages, which means 260 copies of my novel have been read through the borrowing program so far in August (nothing to an NYC bestseller, but a ton for an author who hasn’t had a new book out in a…long time). The book also reached over 100,000 pages read for July, which I was thrilled with, because the borrows didn’t come into play for me in any real fashion until the four free days and following up with a price point of $0.99 (for purchased copies), so beginning around July 23rd.

It’s a very busy summer around here–I have a son getting married soon–so I have decided to leave the price of the book at $0.99 for the rest of the summer, into the first week of September. At that point, the book will return to its regular price of $3.99, and I do intend to take the book out of Kindle Select in early October and return it to wide distribution (iBooks, Kobo, NOOK, and I’ve gotta get on Google Play one of these days). I can tell that my page reads (and also sales) are going down as time passes since the advertising that sent my book on the upswing. If not for the advertising, my book would not have had anywhere near as successful a summer. I need to become much more prolific to really make a foray into indie publishing.

But I am counting my Summer of Kindle Unlimited as a rousing success.

A Few 99 Cent Days for WHERE SHE BELONGS

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

WHERE SHE BELONGS enjoyed a fun few free days through Kindle Select, hitting #1 in the Kindle Free Store overall as well as hitting #1 in Romance and Women’s Fiction. The free days are now over (sob) unless you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, in which case you can continue to borrow and read WHERE SHE BELONGS for free until early October. But! The book has not yet reverted back to its regular retail price of $3.99. For a couple of days, it’s $0.99! Not free, but pretty darn close!

You can read an excerpt here.

Buy for $0.99 from Amazon or read for Free with Kindle Unlimited.

El beautiful cover:




Spotlight on Kate St. James and TEASE Sizzling Romps

Monday, February 9th, 2015

My writing pal, Kate St. James, has joined the self-publishing ranks with her series of erotica short stories and short novellas, TEASE Sizzling Romps, set in Vancouver, B.C.

Today Sugar Rush, Story 2 of the series, released from Amazon, and Tea for Three, Story 1 (originally published with Ellora’s Cave) has been available since the end of December.

Right now, Sugar Rush is only 99 Cents for a limited time and Tea for Three is FREE today and tomorrow, February 9th and 10th!

Just a note, these are sizzling hot stories, so if reading about super-hot erotic encounters between consenting adults offends you, it might be best NOT to download or purchase Kate’s stuff. If, on the other hand, you love naughty tales, have at ‘er!

Tea for Three – FREE Today and Tomorrow! (Always Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers)


It’s gonna get steamy!

Uninhibited tea shop manager Layla Aziz adores her scorching hot relationship with blond and buff construction worker Gil Cuthbert. Her worry is that over the years she’s slept with countless dudes who tickled her libido. Now, can she go the distance with one guy?

Then Gil surprises Layla by arranging a ménage with his best friend, dark and serious Hunter Cole. Gil, it seems, will do anything to keep Layla satisfied. That includes sharing her with ultra-sexy Hunter again and again—not only for a passion-filled night, but for many more to come.

As long as Gil is in charge of her sensual needs…sign her up!


Sugar Rush – 99 Cents for a Limited Time! (Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers):


Her sweetest addiction…is him.

Tea barista Siri Jorgensen believes in monogamy—until she discovers her ex is a cheat. What bothers her most is she tolerated his lackluster moves in bed. Never again! From now on, if a guy doesn’t satisfy her craving for extra-sweet, extra-hot loving right away, he’s out the door.

Enter Caribbean-born architect Lucas Haines, the star of her wildest fantasies. With Lucas, Siri yearns to scorch the sheets—the armchair, the counter. She isn’t picky. For one incredible night, he more than satisfies her lusty addictions.

But when he wants dozens of replays, can she resist?


A Little Q&A with Kate:

Me: Congratulations on the release of Sugar Rush and Tea for Three, Kate! Can you tell us a little about the series?

Kate: Thank you, Cindy, and thanks for having me on your blog! Tea for Three introduces Layla Aziz, Siri Jorgensen, and Grace Delgado, each of whom appears or is mentioned in Tea for Three, Sugar Rush, and Grace’s eventual story, Sweeter than Cream. Each story focuses on its heroine’s sexual adventures–along with some emotional surprises along the way. So there’s some girlfriend bonding and dishing, but these stories, ranging in length from 10,000 to 15,000 words, are focused on the women’s physical relationships and sexual journeys.

Me: Tea for Three is a menage story, right?

Kate: Yes, my first menage story. Before Tea for Three, which is decidedly erotica, I wrote erotic romance, three novellas and a single title romance (information on these can be found on my website) from both the hero and heroine’s points of view. However, Tea for Three and the other TEASE Sizzling Romps stories are all/will be told solely from the heroine’s point of view.

Me: In Tea for Three, Layla is already in a relationship with Gil when he introduces her to Hunter, and in Sugar Rush Siri meets Lucas during what she thinks will be a one-night stand, but Grace is already married in Tea for Three. What do you have planned for her?

Kate: Grace is married to a hot Argentine tango instructor, Nico Delgado. The reader gets little peeks into their relationship in Tea for Three and Sugar Rush, but Sweeter than Cream will focus on Grace and Nico’s marital adventures.

Me: Such as…?

Kate: Well, let’s just say their first anniversary is rapidly approaching and Grace is busy brainstorming erotic ideas to enhance their special day. But Nico is going to get more than he bargained for. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean sex has to be boring!

Me: Oh, sure, don’t answer my question! Do you have excerpts for Tea for Three and Sugar Rush?

Kate: Yes, on my website. Just scroll down on the Tea for Three page and the Sugar Rush page, and you’ll see excerpts for both stories.

Me: Great. How can readers find out more about your books or keep tabs on the development of Grace’s story?

Kate: I don’t have a blog (so thanks again for having me), but readers can keep up to date with me on Facebook or Twitter, and I have a newsletter called Kate St. James’s New Release Alert that I only put out when I have a new release or other important news to share. Signing up for the newsletter is the best way for readers to ensure that they hear my news.

Me: I think I’m on that newsletter list! So, Kate, will TEASE Sizzling Romps feature just the three stories we’ve discussed here or do you have anything else in the works?

Kate: Originally, I conceived of TEASE Sizzling Romps as three stories, but as I wrote Sugar Rush, I discovered a new couple and a new heroine who might want her own story, which would become the fourth story of the series. However, I’ve also had readers request more of Layla, Gil and Hunter (Tea for Three). That’s the wonderful thing about indie publishing. I have a lot of choices, and I have a lot of control. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed working with my various publishers over the years, but the TEASE Sizzling Romps series has the potential to go in different directions and indie publishing allows me a lot of leeway as to how I proceed. Will I write a second Layla, Gil and Hunter story following Sweeter than Cream? Or will I write a fourth heroine’s story? There are so many options. I really don’t want to box myself in. Sweeter than Cream will come next. That’s what I know for now. 🙂

Me: What about a cover for Sweeter than Cream?

Kate: There’s a small version of the Sweeter than Cream cover on the Coming page of my website. All three covers were designed by Kim Killion of The Killion Group. We did a lot of brainstorming to come up with the series concept, and I love it!

Me: They are gorgeous covers! Thanks for dropping by the blog, Kate. I’ll end with your contact information.

Kate: Thanks for having me!


Tea for Three on Amazon

Sugar Rush on Amazon

Kate’s website

Subscribe to Kate’s New Release Alert Newsletter

Kate on Twitter

Kate on Facebook

Mother’s Day Sale!

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

In celebration of Mother’s Day, my contemporary small-town romance, WHERE SHE BELONGS, which features a subplot about the healing of the relationship between mother and daughter (complete with Jess’s mom’s point-of-view scenes), is on sale for 99 pennies! From now until May 14th.

The book is available for 99 cents at Amazon, Amazon Canada (and other Amazons around the world), Kobo, Apple iBooks, and while it should be available for 99 cents at Nook as well, Nook Press has been glitching, and, as of this typing, the sale price hasn’t gone through. If you’re a Nook reader, keep checking the link. Hopefully it will lower by Sunday or Monday. Keep checking until May 15th.

WHERE SHE BELONGS has over 50 5-Star and over 50 4-Star reviews on Amazon, plus received a 4-Star review from RT BookReviews.



What’s it About?

She never wants to go home again.

For Jess Morgan, Destiny Falls holds too many painful memories. Nine years ago, a logging accident near the remote timber town killed her dad and her high school sweetheart. To make matters worse, her mother quickly sought comfort with another man. That choice tore Jess apart and drove her to seek a life far away. But now fate steps in, and family obligations force her return home. Before long, she’s convinced that persuading her mom to live with her in Toronto will repair their shattered bond. However, she doesn’t count on a long-ago friend re-entering her life and challenging her convictions.

Rugged forester Adam Wright believes in family, roots, and not running from heartache. Now, all he wants is to help Jess break down the walls of the lonely sanctuary she’s built for herself and heal her past hurts. It’s not until she rejects his plans for their future that he realizes his persistence is pushing her away—not at all what he intends.

Has he lost his chance? Or can he convince Jess that where she truly belongs is with him…forever?



Amazon Canada


Apple iBooks

NOOK (Please double-check that the book price has been lowered for NOOK before clicking to buy.)

My apologies about the pricing glitch at Barnes and Noble NOOK. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can control. Keep checking back on the NOOK link to see if B&N has corrected things on their end. The sales price might not be there now, but maybe by Sunday or Monday. Cross your fingers!

Home Secrets by Mary J. Forbes 99 Cents Until March 23rd

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Please welcome my friend and writer extraordinaire, Mary J. Forbes, to the blog! Mary’s Women’s Fiction novel, HOME SECRETS, regularly priced $3.60, is on sale for 99 cents exclusively from Amazon between March 17-23. So make sure to grab a copy. And, if you’re a member of Amazon Prime in the U.S., you can also borrow HOME SECRETS from the Kindle Lending Library for the next couple of months. Either way, you’re in for a great read! By the way, you can read an excerpt of HOME SECRETS on Mary’s website.

From Mary:


Cindy, thank you for inviting me to be a guest on Muse Interrupted! What a delight to give your readers a peek into the writing of my women’s fiction book, HOME SECRETS.

The story intertwines the lives of three friends, Lily, Joy and Sydnie Rose. Yet, each buries a long-standing secret. But before the women can reap forgiveness, redemption and love, each must face her secret square on. So… Can Lily ensure her teenage daughter’s happiness while they live on the edge of poverty? Will Joy knock down the wall of hurt that caused her weight to escalate? And does Sydnie Rose have the strength to fight her austere father and claim her dreams?

As I wove these questions into my story, dug deeper and deeper into the histories of these women, I laughed, smiled—and reached for a tissue. In the end, there was a sense of satisfaction and peace in my heart…and in theirs. And HOME SECRETS, I knew, was the beginning of the Hawkes Landing series. 🙂

About the Story:

She believed in him when no one else did…

A terrible divorce and car wreck scars Lily Wheaton inside and out. Desperate to reclaim normality, she flees to the quiet ambiance of her late grandmother’s birthplace in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. There, Lily believes she has conquered her demons. That is, until her ex-husband demands sole custody of their child. Without funds to battle him in court, Lily will do anything to keep her daughter, even stand up for her landlord and neighbor, Grey Montgomery—a man her ex insists is a criminal. 

After serving time for a drunk-driving fatality sixteen years ago, Grey escaped the censure of Hawkes Landing. Now his mother is dying, and he returns to his childhood home where his sister remains as obstinate as ever, the lack of medical facilities could mark the downfall of his family, and people won’t let him forget the nightmare of his mistakes. Only Lily sees him for the man he is today. But as another tragedy strikes at the heart of Grey’s past, he and Lily must accept a dark truth about their families before discovering that some of life’s toughest choices involve the healing power of forgiveness, love, and the will to go on.

Buy from Amazon

Read Excerpt on Mary’s website

About Mary J. Forbes:


Mary J. Forbes writes stories with an emotional depth that is reflected in each of her characters. Several of her (Harlequin) Silhouette Special Edition books were Waldenbooks bestsellers, and reached BookScan and Amazon’s respective top 100 lists. Mary loves to garden and especially enjoys the color and fragrances of the flowers she plants each spring and summer. The rain of the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her family is often portrayed in her stories. But once the clouds roll away, her heroes and heroines always find their rainbow waiting on the horizon.

Mary loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her at and

Weekend Excitement on Kindle and NOOK Bestseller Lists

Monday, October 7th, 2013

On Friday, my small-town contemporary romance, WHERE SHE BELONGS, started day 1 of a 10 day sale that culminates on Canadian Thanksgiving, which is October 14th. From Friday until then, WHERE SHE BELONGS is just 99 cents. The book has never been available at that price point before. In January, it had some free days with KDP Select (my one and only time in that program), and after the free days WHERE SHE BELONGS cracked the Kindle Top 100 Contemporary Romance list. Well, this weekend, at the 99 cent price point, WHERE SHE BELONGS not only hit the Kindle Top 100 Contemporary Romance Bestsellers, but also the Kindle Top 100 Romance Bestsellers AND the Kindle Top 100 Bestsellers in the store overall! It also climbed the Women’s Fiction charts, making it all the way to #4 for Women’s Fiction-Romance that I know of (what I saw when I wasn’t asleep). It’s still on the Women’s Fiction charts, at #15 for Women’s Fiction-Romance and #46 in Women’s Fiction overall! I’ve fallen off the Romance Top 100 Bestsellers but still have a toehold on Contemporary Romance as I type—at 98.

Over the weekend, I also appeared on Amazon Author Rank’s Top 100 Most Popular Contemporary Romance authors. I’ve fallen off now, so you’ll just have to believe me. 😉

The best numbers that I saw for my book were Saturday morning at 8 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. I have no clue what happened between 10 p.m. Friday night and 8 a.m. Saturday morning, so I can’t claim any #1 spots because I didn’t see them and I don’t know any way to check them after the fact. But here were the numbers for Kindle—I never expected to hit Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers!

– 58 Kindle Paid Store – all genres!

– 17 Romance – In the top 20!

– 13 Contemporary Romance – Top 15!

– 4 Women’s Fiction – Romance – Top 5!

– 8 Contemporary Fiction – Women’s Fiction – Top 10!

– 9 Women’s Fiction – Contemporary Women – Top 10!

I didn’t think to look at the general Women’s Fiction list until late on Saturday, so no idea what was my best number there.

WHERE SHE BELONGS also climbed the NOOK Top 100 Bestsellers, hitting #11 that I saw. And it’s still there, hanging on at #90.

That was something else I didn’t expect. And, guess what? I actually sold some books at Kobo Friday and Saturday! Kobo remains mainly a mystery to me when it comes to book sales, so selling 20 books was very exciting. 😉

The sale continues at the following outlets: Amazon – including Amazon Canada and Amazons around the world




All Romance EBooks

Where She Belongs Early Canadian Thanksgiving Sale!

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Partly in celebration of the release of BORROWING ALEX on Monday and partly in celebration of our upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving, the digital edition of my Canadian-set small-town romance, WHERE SHE BELONGS, is on sale for only 99 cents from now until October 14th (Canadian Thanksgiving)! That’s a saving of $3.00 (enough for nearly a full latte).

WHERE SHE BELONGS can be found for $0.99 at Amazon, Amazon Canada (and Amazons around the world), Apple iBooks, Kobo, and from Barnes and Noble for NOOK. It’s also at All Romance EBooks for $1.00!

Today, WHERE SHE BELONGS is listed as a Bargain Book on EReader News Today, and it’s also listed on BookBub’s Latest Ebook Deals. So if you see the book at either venue and haven’t read it yet, it’s a buck—you can’t lose. Well, technically you could lose a buck you’d never get back. But with nearly 50 five-star reviews on Amazon, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the book.

If romantic comedy is more your style, BORROWING ALEX is available at Amazon, NOOK, Kobo and Apple iBooks, as well!

Happy Early Canadian Thanksgiving!

Head Over Heels a Bargain Book at Canadian Amazon!

Monday, August 26th, 2013

I was just surfing around the other day and discovered that Amazon Canada has discounted the trade paperback edition of HEAD OVER HEELS to less than $4.50! For a trade paperback!

I have no idea how long the discount has been occurring, how long it will continue, or why Amazon Canada decided to earmark HEAD OVER HEELS a Bargain Book in the first place. Kinda cool that they did, though!

The price changes daily, depending on the U.S. exchange rate, because the trade paperbacks are published in the U.S. and shipped to Amazon Canada a few copies at a time for order fulfillment. Today, the price sits at $4.39. That’s a savings of 47% over the regular retail price, nearly 4 bucks!

Yep, if you’re Canadian, you can order my book and even get free shipping if you have enough other books in your order, then still have enough left over from your savings on HEAD OVER HEELS to drive down to Timmie’s and grab some yummy doughnut holes.