Discount Over at Amazon

HEAD OVER HEELS is no longer being discounted at Amazon. It was nice while it lasted! That said, the ebook is still and will always remain cheaper than a latte. And brings you just as much kick, too!

I’m madly updating my website today in preparation for the Kindle and trade paperback release of WHERE SHE BELONGS. The release date is tentatively December 17th, however, as I learned last year at this time when the library-hardcover edition was supposed to release December 16th and yet wasn’t quite available for sale, sometimes there’s a lag between “release date” and “yay, I can buy it now.” So it might be Tuesday, rather than Monday, before the Kindle edition and trade paperback actually appear on sale, regardless of release date.

Never fear, all shall be released on the blog as soon as I have the links to the various pages. And you know what that means. Cover reveal! That’s half the fun, getting responses to the new cover. I simply adore it, and I hope you will, too.

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