Gone, Gone, Gone, I Been Gone So Long

My last three posts about the Galapagos appeared while I was in China. I know, I’m tricky, scheduling them in advance like that. I couldn’t in all conscience jet off to China to explore smog and history and visit my son without finishing my Galapagos posts, could I?

We returned from China early, last weekend. A personal situation at home developed soon after we landed in Beijing, and the situation pretty much followed us around the country. We had a good time and met some great people, but if I did not have a full camera card to remind me of the trip I would almost think I hadn’t left home at all. In that regard, it was the most surreal vacation I’ve ever taken.

I’m glad we returned early. It was necessary and cathartic. And, in some ways, continuing. But such is life.

I have a lot on my plate right now before I can get back to editing BORROWING ALEX for reissue. In another week, I expect to feel more settled. Eventually, I’ll blog about China. Of course, I said in 2011 that I would blog about Newfoundland, too, and look how that turned out…. (Ahem.)

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