My EBooks Temporarily Not for Sale for NOOK

My ebooks are temporarily not available for sale for NOOK from the Barnes and Noble website. I am working with a new distributor to get them back up again as fast as possible. In the meantime, if you’re looking for my books for NOOK, you can purchase ePub files, which the NOOK reads, from Smashwords and All Romance EBooks.

Note, the distribution of my Kindle, Kobo and Apple editions are not affected. Just NOOK.

While I’m talking distribution, my apologies to those readers who have been looking for my ebooks for the Sony e-reader. Right now, only HEAD OVER HEELS is available for Sony. Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire have been in the queue for uploading to Sony since early November! I am not at all pleased with that, um, speed. If there were another way to try and get my books onto Sony, I would pursue it at this point. But I’m out of luck until another distrubtion opportunity arises.

Like the NOOK, however, the Sony reader also reads ePub files. So look to Smashwords or ARe for ePub editions.


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