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Head Over Heels Click Cover to View Larger Image
Head Over Heels

Love in the Pacific Northwest, Book 1

Blue Orchard Books
August 16, 2012 ~ Updated April 2018

ISBN: 978-0-9880884-0-5 Digital
ISBN: 978-0-9880884-2-9 Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4448-1865-9 Large Print  

A girl. A guy. A tiny white lie...

Magee Sinclair has had it with the recent blunders pushing her family's advertising agency to the brink. How can she accept the promotion her father plans when she keeps making costly mistakes? She needs to bring in more business however she can. So when new client Justin Kane asks her to act as his girlfriend for a weekend in exchange for a lucrative campaign, she jumps at the chance.

Justin's goal to expand his chain of bike stores hinges on a distribution deal with a manufacturer. First, he needs to impress the man at a mountain resort while they bike trails with their significant others. But Justin's girlfriend dumps him, forcing him to find a quick replacement. Magee—pretty, clever, and a skilled cyclist—is the perfect choice.

Or so Justin thinks.

Because Magee is in major trouble. She knows no more about mountain biking than Justin does about demi-bras. Before long, an irate ex pops up, fake identities abound, and a whole lot of doors slam in the middle of the night. Yet, through the chaos, Magee and Justin discover what it really means to fall head over heels...


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"This romantic comedy is filled with hijinks and sexual tension that makes for entertaining reading." RT Book Reviews.

"Cindy Procter-King is a master storyteller. Not only do her characters invite the readers into the drama, the humor is non-stop. Comedy is a hard genre to write but Cindy Procter-King does it easily." The Road to Romance.

"A hilarious story, these characters are full of humor and emotion with Magee's tendency for mess ups and Justin's touching way of smoothing them over. A keeper to be sure." Coffee Time Romances.

"What a set-up for a comedy of errors! Everything that can go wrong in this scenario does go wrong, and the reader is well entertained by the comedic chaos. If you like your romance with humor, you'll love this one." Fallen Angel Reviews.

"This was a really entertaining romance. I loved the accident prone Magee and the uptight Justin." The Romance Studio.



- #13 Kindle Romantic Comedy Bestsellers - June 2013
- #3 Audible Audiobooks Chicklit Bestsellers - Summer 2011
- iTunes Audiobooks Top 100 Romance Bestsellers - 2011 - 2013
- iTunes Audiobooks Top Ten Romance Bestsellers - International Lists - 2011 - 2013

*Audiobook is an unabridged rendition of an edition previously published by Amber Quill Press.



“What?” Justin Kane shot up from his desk, clenching his phone so tight that his knuckles threatened to pop out of their skin. “Tina, you can’t do this to me.”

“Oh, no? Well, I’m doing it, lover.” Justin’s apparently soon-to-be ex-girlfriend’s voice grated in his ear. “You’ve taken advantage of me for the last time.”

“Taken advantage?” Justin echoed like some slow-on-the-uptake parrot. Tina made him sound like a class-A jerk—as if she’d never had a hand in defining the casual nature of their relationship. He shook his head. “I’ve never taken advantage of you any more than you’ve taken advantage of me.”

“Then let’s just say I’ve grown tired of the game.”

“Game? Tina, wait. This isn’t a game.” Scouring his brain for a recent list of sins he must have committed, Justin paced his efficiently organized office above the main Vancouver branch of his three CycleMania bike stores. He couldn’t let Tina walk out on him now. The ink hadn’t even been applied to the deal with Willoughby Bikes yet.

He wanted that distributorship, and he needed Tina’s help to get it.

“Besides,” he reminded her, “I thought you liked what we have going together. I thought you liked it as much as I do.”

“I did like it, Justin, but things change. Or maybe I should say I’ve changed. Do you know what this weekend means to me?”

“Of course, I do. The same as it does to me. The Willoughbys are flying in tomorrow, and we’re taking them to Whistler.” The nearby mountain resort town would serve as the perfect backdrop for convincing Nathan Willoughby CycleMania would fit seamlessly into the British bike manufacturer’s growing worldwide “family” of distributors. Justin counted on Tina’s presence to cement the image of stability the English businessman demanded.

Tina snorted. Rather delicately, but a snort all the same. “Work is the first thing you’d think of. But if you try real hard, you might come up with something else.”

Justin shoved a hand through his hair. He had been trying to decipher this disconcerting new dialect of Tina-speak, and he’d wound up several thousand syllables short. What did she expect? She’d propelled him into alien territory.

“It’s your birthday?” he guessed.

“No, it’s not my birthday. That was in April. It’s July.” A huff of irritation resounded over the cell. “Damn it, Justin, you’re dense. You’re either dense or you don’t care.”

He frowned. When had his superficial and how-he-liked-her Tina transmuted into this perplexing pod person? Dragging in a breath, he focused on a framed poster of the Cyclone—Willoughby’s pro-level, full-suspension mountain bike—hung on the wall to inspire motivation.

“What then?” he asked.

Her tone assumed the durability of quick-dry shellac. “It’s the six-month anniversary of our first date.”

Crap. He hadn’t realized they were keeping track. “I didn’t think that sort of thing mattered to you.”

“I didn’t either—in January. Like I said, I’ve changed. I’m thirty-four now, Justin. Your midthirties might spell fun and games to you, but my clock is ticking. I want to get married. Have a baby. I’m not prepared to wait forever for you to decide you want the same.”

“Come on, Tina. Be reasonable. You can’t up and announce you’re thinking babies and marriage when we agreed they’re not on the agenda.” Justin refused to repeat his father’s mistakes. He wouldn’t mix marriage and raising a family with building a business, the way his father had with his law practice. Justin had thought Tina understood and accepted that about him.

“Oh, please. I refuse to feel guilty for doing this. My needs have changed, and yours haven’t. It’s that simple.”

“But to break up with me today? Nathan Willoughby and his wife expect to meet you. How can I take them to Whistler without you?”

“Tell them I have the flu.”

“And next week?”

“Tell them I fell off a cliff. I don’t care. You’ll think of something. You always do.” She paused. “Listening to you, Justin, it’s clear you don’t want me. Not in the way I need. So why should I worry about this weekend? Or whether or not you close this deal? Fend for yourself, big guy. That’s what you’ve done all along anyway.” She disconnected.

“Tina!” He swiped the phone screen—and went straight to voicemail.

A text flew in: Consider yourself blocked.

“Damn it.” Justin tossed the phone onto the desk. Sitting, he scrubbed a hand over his face. Hell, what a mess. What now? He couldn’t go to Whistler without Tina. He’d look like a heel spending a carefree July weekend with the Willoughbys while Ms. Personality Switcheroo supposedly sweated in bed with a fever. Yet he couldn’t say she’d dumped him either. One indication that his life was in shambles and Nathan Willoughby would write him off as unreliable. Justin could kiss the exclusive dealership rights for Willoughby Bikes in Vancouver and the distributorship for Western Canada goodbye.

He drummed his fingers on his thigh. He might be an ignoramus when it came to the female of the species, but he knew his business and he wasn’t willing to risk it. The four-month window he’d established for opening more retail outlets depended on the financing the Willoughby Bikes deal would provide. He wasn’t about to abandon that major step in his carefully constructed master life plan because Tina had sprouted maternal instincts the way most women sprouted leg hair.

Which left him with one option to pursue.

He needed a woman to replace Tina for the weekend.

And he had to find her fast.


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