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Bite Me

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Until last week, I’d never read a vampire romance. I’m not prejudiced against the sub-genre—I’m squeamish! The Gremlins movies keep me up at night. So I always figured I’d find vampire novels scary. Guess what? I don’t!

mulvany_wicked.jpgAm I the only reader this late to the genre? This is where I confess that because of my squeamishness I wouldn’t have picked up SOMETHING WICKED if fellow Looney Binner, Catherine Mulvany, hadn’t written it. (What’s a Looney Binner, you ask? Loooong story). I’m so glad she did write this novel, though, because I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Here’s a blippy:

When investigative journalist Regan Cluny travels to the California desert to find out why reclusive millionaire Charles Nash is financing an archaeological dig, she’s attacked by a gang of vampire bikers. The bikers leave her for dead, but Nash comes to her rescue. He’s shocked to see the puncture wounds on her neck, even more shocked to realize she’s the image of his beloved Katie, a woman who’s been dead for over a century. Like Regan’s attackers, Nash is a vampire, tied to the bikers by a vicious blood feud that dates back to the Civil War. He’s tried to keep a low profile while searching for the legendary Font of Miracles, but the bite on Regan’s neck tells him his past has caught up with him. And this time he’s not the only one at risk. Because of her resemblance to a dead woman, Regan’s in danger, too—not only from the bikers, but perhaps from Nash as well. The attraction between them is a powerful force. If he can’t control his baser urges, she may find herself face to face with…something wicked.


Does anyone have other vampire romances to recommend? (Not that my TBR pile needs to get any taller, but you know how it goes…)

Last Chance!

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Two of them, actually.

  1. The South Jersey MOM magazine Beach Read Giveaway contest ends May 31st. If you haven’t entered your name in the drawing to win a free trade paperback copy of BORROWING ALEX or a book from one of the other talented authors included in the contest, hop on over to South Jersey MOM now. Scroll down past the Giveaways on the top of the page until you see CHICK LIT’S BEACH READ GIVEAWAYS. Please remember that this contest is open to U.S. residents only.

  2. Brenda Novak’s On-Line Auction for Diabetes Research also ends May 31st. It’s not too late to check out the awesome items and put in your bids!

My Poor Tulips

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

As promised last week, evidence of my patheticism as a gardener. Keep in mind, there are dozens of tulip bulbs planted in this garden:


Yet, aside from these, um, beauties, only a few purple tulips and one yellow tulip bloomed this year. No scarlets at all that I can recall.

Try not to focus on the mucky gravely bits around the garden wall (I’ve cleaned up it up since taking this picture, I promise). Try to focus on the fact that I built the wall myself!

I have a theory regarding my lack of tulips this year. It’s either the fault of the freak snowstorm in April freezing my flowers as they were trying to grow, or it’s the fault of this Evil Entity:


Keisha. Born a scant year ago, the formerly precious Keisha faithfully used her litter box until this spring, whereupon she discovered my tulip garden and proceeded to commandeer it for her own nefarious purposes.



See the dig holes behind the tulips? The dirt scooped out of the garden? Well, it wasn’t me, I can tell you that much. No, Keisha is the guilty party, and I hereby sentence her to twenty lickings by Allie McBeagle.

Here’s my worry… When the tulips have had their day (the bulbs are now gone, but Little Pisser tells me the still-green stalks “feed” the bulbs for next year’s crop), I like to fill this garden with bedding plants. I may not be much of a gardener, but even I can’t bear to leave the dirt patch beside our kitchen door devoid of color. How do I stop the Evil Entity that is Keisha from digging up my bedding plants? Aside from throttling her, that is, because I wuv her!

Help! Any tips from gardening experts out there?

Tell Me Tuesday

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Did everyone have a great Memorial Day? It was very rainy here in non-Memorial-Day Canada. I did some writing, then—

Beep-beep-beep! Incoming Alert!

We interrupt this non-eventful Tell Me Tuesday to inform Cindy’s readers that while she has nothing earth-shattering to report (other than that she’s been updating five years worth of photo albums and is only on 2004), her good buddy Kate St. James is over at the Red Sage Revealed blog talking about why Kate’s husband is The Luckiest Guy in Town.

Drop by and join in the—

Kate, get out of here!!

Just kidding, folks. I’m happy to have my friends commandeer my blog. And Kate really is a very dear friend. I’ve known her for years, you can trust me when I say that she’s quitegood_vibrations_md.jpg sane on her good days, and she’s a helluva writer. If you don’t believe me, check out her first novella, Good Vibrations, which appeared in Secrets Volume 21: Primal Heat in December 2007. I’ve read it dozens of times, and, I’m telling you, it’s hot, hot, hot! Not to mention fun. Fun, hot erotic romance. What more could you want?

Kate’s blog about how My Husband is the Luckiest Guy in Town (well, not my husband, but her husband, you understand) is definitely worth a read, and you can find her previous Red Sage blog post, What Makes a Man Sexy? here.

Tomorrow, as promised, I’ll post photographic evidence of my patheticism as a gardener. Drop by, because I really need some advice.


Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 26th, 2008

To all my American friends.

See, I can write a short blog post. Huh.

Apparently, I’m a Petunia

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

I’m not a gardener, but apparently I am a Petunia:

I am a
What Flower
Are You?

“You are a tried and trusted friend who will be there for your friends when they need you. But you have a tendency to be nervous about doing things that go against the norm.”

Gee, doesn’t sound like me at all.

Yes, I am cautious about many things in life. Unlike My Liege, I thrive on structure, not constant change. Not sure how being “weird” and “strange” and “different”—all words used countless times (by others) to describe me—fit into the Petunia description, but I can’t argue with the description, either.

Next week, I’ll provide photographic evidence of my patheticism as a gardener. Watch this space!

P.S. Thanks to Kim Stagliano. I filched this quiz from her blog. Apparently, she’s a Snapdragon, which sounds a heckuva lot more entertaining than Petunia, but she declined to include the description for Snapdragon in her blog post, so I’m taking that to mean she’s just as boring as I am and trying to hide it! Hah!

The COOKie Doesn’t Crumble!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather when David Cook won American Idol last night. I thought for sure David Archuleta would win…even though I was rooting for David Cook. Thank you to all the Americans who voted for Big David on my behalf. You know, I have no clue if non-Americans can vote in American Idol, but I figure it’s not called North American Idol and there is a Canadian Idol, so I’ve never tried to vote in the American version.

Go, DC, go! I’ll be very interested in seeing what sort of post-American Idol CD he releases. Please, please, Idol record producers, don’t try to “mainstream” the essence that is David Cook the way that occurred with Taylor Hicks and Bo Bice. Please let the man be. Himself.

David vs. David

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Any American Idol fans out there? What did you think of last night’s finale? Who are you rooting for to win tonight?

I have my fav—David Cook. Do I think he’ll win? Not really. I’ll be very surprised if he does, and, frankly, I’m just glad he made it to the finals. As much as I admire Big David’s singing, I think it’s pretty difficult to come out on top when you’re up against a teen phenomenon like David Archuleta. American Idol is known for producing (or at least choosing as winners) pop singers over rock. And I do think Little David is talented, but I can’t imagine buying his debut CD. I’m past the age where I want to listen to ballad after ballad. Had enough of that with Barry Manilow and Elton John (now I’m aging myself, LOL).

My take on last night’s finale—I loved both their first performances. For the second song, I was thrilled that the producers didn’t make them sing the same song from the finale-song contest. I know the judges thought Little David killed it with his performance, but I was groovin’ on DC’s tune. The last round, I loved that David Cook didn’t do a repeat of an earlier performance, even though I did love his rendition of Billy Jean. I think Little David’s version of Imagine is beautiful, but I bore easily, and I would have rather he sung a song I hadn’t heard him sing before.

That’s my take, anyway. How about you?

Tell Me Tuesday

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

It’s very rainy in my part of the world. No big surprise, because yesterday was our May long weekend (Victoria Day). It seems it always rains on the two big camping weekends of the summer, the other being the July 1st (Canada Day) long weekend (if it falls on a weekend). What’s Memorial Day like in the States? Is it the start of camping season like it is for those of us up north foolish enough to enjoy camping (I can take it or leave it…usually leave it, but I know people who adore camping). Do you have plans for the upcoming Memorial Day long weekend?

Because it was Eldest Son’s birthday on Friday and then a long weekend, my writing ground to a halt. However, a lot of overdue cleaning was accomplished. So, my only bit of writing-related news this week is that I received my first ever scores back from the RITA contest. I’m pleased to report that BORROWING ALEX received one 9 (the top score possible for those not in the know) and also an 8. However, it also received one upper-middling score and two “lower-middling enough that there’s no way this entry will make it into the finals” scores. However, that the book received such differing scores didn’t bother me. This was the first year that an author with a book published by a micro-press (I picked up that description from Natalie Damschroder) like Amber Quill could even enter the RITA, and, frankly, there wasn’t really an appropriate category for my entry. I did the best I could with my choices, which were to either enter a short book in Single Title, where it would have competed against books twice its length, or to enter it in Series Contemporary, which is really for category romance novels published in a series (Harlequin/Silhouette). However, the definition for this category is loose enough (employing words like “usually” quite frequently) that I felt it was the best place for my story. So, in actuality, I was very pleased that BORROWING ALEX snagged that 9!

Lastly, the managing editor of the Casablanca line for Sourcebooks, Deb Werksman, is taking questions today on the new Casablanca Authors blog. I’ve spoken to Deb on the phone, and she is very enthusiastic. This is an excellent opportunity to pick her brain, so don’t miss it. And, yep, I asked a question myself.

Presenting…Maureen McGowan

Monday, May 19th, 2008


Maureen McGowan is a fellow Canadian and Golden Heart Finalist ’07 sister who correctly ID’ed Lucienne Diver’s agent on my blog several days ago. To celebrate her cleverness, I’m pimping her today. Uh, by “pimping,” I mean Promoting Industrious Maureen-McGowan’s Publishing-Journey, not that, um, other sort of pimping. 

I first “met” Maureen when I judged the partial of her brilliantly funny women’s fiction novel, THE MISEDUCATION OF APRIL HILLSON, in a contest. I can no longer recall which contest it was (although I believe it was the RWA ChickLit chapter’s Get Your Stilleto in the Door contest). Maureen’s writing style, voice, and characterization of April blew me away. That manuscript also earned Maureen her finalist slot in the Golden Heart, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements category, last year, and, in the last few months, was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, where an excerpt is still available for free download. 

As an unpublished author, Maureen is doing everything right. It’s only a matter of Timing before some lucky editor snaps her up. She has a beautiful website, a presence on Publishers Marketplace, and she’s represented by the stellar Knight Agency. Please visit her solo blog and/or her group blog, Drunk Writer Talk (with a title like that, how can you not visit?) And don’t forget to check out the free download of THE MISEDUCATION OF APRIL HILLSON.