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Pen Warriors Interview

Monday, February 28th, 2011

I’m being interviewed at The Pen Warriors. In fact, I’m their first-ever interviewee! I’m the sacrificial subject. The interview will be up all week. Up for grabs is another audio book of HEAD OVER HEELS. The winner chosen from the comment trail on Sunday.

I had great fun with the interview questions, so hop on over there now and leave a comment to enter for your chance to win.

How often am I doing an audio book give-away, you ask? Why, after this, I’m finished. If that doesn’t give you incentive to pop over to The Pen Warriors and comment, you have lazy ears. (Or you’d rather buy a copy, which doesn’t bother me at all, I assure you).

I’m Giving It Away

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Join the fun at Edie Ramer’s blog, where today I’m giving away a copy of the HEAD OVER HEELS audio book!

I’m one of five authors giving away a book today as part of Edie’s week-long party for her new release, DRAGON BLUES. Five authors each day of the week. That’s a whole lot of giving away.

Because Edie’s posting info for five authors every day, you might have to scroll down to find my excerpt and information. Here’s the permalink, to make your life easier.

Leave a comment on my post to enter to win an audio book of HEAD OVER HEELS.

Edie picks the winners, not moi. So don’t comment here. Comment over there.

Make sure to comment on the other authors’ posts, too!


Monday, February 21st, 2011

The problem with going away for two weeks is all the work you need to catch up on when you return. I know, poor me.

I’m swamped. Too swamped to even post photos of my adventures in Mexico. Maybe next week.

This week I’m continuing promo for the audio book release of HEAD OVER HEELS. Deets will be posted Wednesday. So make sure to drop by. In the meantime, beginning today, indie author Edie Ramer is hosting a week-long blog party to celebrate her latest release, DRAGON BLUES. Every day she’ll feature five authors on her blog. And each of those authors is providing a give-away.

Meanwhile, this weekend I received the audio proofs for BORROWING ALEX. I’m still super busy catching up on intensive edits for Penny that I’m beginning to realize are more like revisions than edits. Well, they’re edits, but they’re super edits. They’re sedits. Each and every sentence is getting a work-out.

I need to finish Penny’s edits within the first couple of weeks of March at the latest, or a fire-breathing dragon will roast my neck. Don’t ask me how I know this. Let’s just say I’ve been warned. So the BORROWING ALEX proofing will have to become my evening and next-weekend work.

How’s your February panning out?

Listen Up!

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

I’m blogging today over on the new group blog 4Writers4Readers about not only my audio book release of HEAD OVER HEELS, but pursuing subsidiary rights (like audio books and foreign editions) on your own and the new opportunities available for authors as technology changes and self-publishing on Kindle, etc. is becoming more common.

Please join me with your thoughts!

HEAD OVER HEELS Audiobook Release!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Happy release day to me!

I’m thrilled to announce the audio book release of HEAD OVER HEELS, available now from Audiolark and on sale as the New Release Special.

You can listen to an audio excerpt clip or buy a copy here. I believe the New Release Special price carries throughout the week, but I’m not 100% sure. Why take a chance? Buy your copy now and make me a happy camper.

The audio book provides over 6.5 hours of listening pleasure. The files are DRM-free and playable “on any device that plays MP3s” (to quote the website).

If you haven’t read the book yet, save your eyes and give your ears a workout!

Where In The World Is Cindiego?

Friday, February 11th, 2011

On an airplane, that’s where.

Coming home. Back to Canada.

Which means I’ve been somewhere. But where? And for how long? How could that crafty Cindy go away without her trusty blog readers suspecting something?

  • 2 points to anyone who guesses how long I’ve been away.
  • 4 points if you can correctly guess where I went.
  • – 16 points if you knew where I went, because I told you, but you pretend you didn’t know because you WANT THOSE FOUR POINTS!!
  • + 80 points for creativity.
  • – 13,000 points for rudeness.

You need hints? I got hints!

  • I went there last year, for my birthday. This year, I took My Liege along.
  • We stayed with my parents.
  • There was sun.
  • And water.
  • Probably taco sauce.
  • A margarita or two.

By gum, you got it! Alaska! (Not).

*Fine Print. Correctly guessing wins you nothing. Cindy is under no obligation to confirm that your guess is correct or to reward you in any way. In fact, Cindy might be making this whole thing up, because that’s her line of work, and you’ll never know, will you? Can you trust her to eventually tell you the truth? Will she prove her absence by posting pictures? Will you believe she took the pictures? These and other questions may or may not be answered in upcoming episodes of When Cindy’s Gray Matter Churns.