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Two New Audiobooks!

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire are now available as audiobooks from One Acre Audio! I found out quite by accident, as the publisher uploads to Audible and then Audible determines the release date. We expected the short stories to release on audio maybe next week. However, a reader alerted me over the weekend that she had already purchased her copies from iTunes. So I checked, and yep, the audiobooks are up!

Here are some quick and easy links:

Deceiving Derek – Audible
Deceiving Derek – iTunes

Catching Claire – Audible
Catching Claire – iTunes

Both shorts are narrated by Ariana Westfield.

By the way, pop by on Wednesday. I’ll have a little surprise. 😉


Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

In the Brilliance is Moi department, I have finally uploaded the audiobook demo for WHERE SHE BELONGS to my webiste. Click the link to visit the page. Once you’re there, click Listen to Demo (to right of book cover or also below book cover) and the demo will pop up in a new window (if you have a media player installed, that is).

The narrator is R.E. Chambliss, who also narrated BORROWING ALEX. She is, like, all sorts of awesome. Like.

Now to move onto actually updating this blog. My blogroll is out of date, and I need to pop in the new covers for Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire. I also need to update the Newsletter signup box. If you use the old box (upper right) before I’ve updated, never fear, I shall be informed and will update my new newsletter program accordingly. An edition just went out the other day.

AudioLark Taking Questions at Romance University

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Today my audio publisher, Jennifer Fedderson of AudioLark, is talking about Listen Up! Romance Audio Books Increase Author Profits over at Romance University. She asked both myself, as the author of Where She Belongs (which she is giving away on her blog post at RU), and Renee Chambliss, the narrator of two of my three books on audio, to pop in and also contribute descriptions of our parts in the process.

If you’re at all interested in getting your books into audio, or if you love reading audiobooks and want a look inside the process, please pop over.