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BORROWING ALEX Large Print Sale!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Yoo-hoo! Large Print English-language rights to BORROWING ALEX have been sold to F.A. Thorpe in England for their Linford Romance line! These are the same folks who just published HEAD OVER HEELS in large print (scroll down the blog to catch a glimpse at the cover).

The Large Print edition of BORROWING ALEX will release in the next 18 months. The Large Print edition of HEAD OVER HEELS is now available from Amazon, if you’re so inclined.


Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

WHERE SHE BELONGS, my British Columbia-set contemporary romance, is featured at eBook Soda today. EBook Soda is a new reader-oriented newsletter and website that matches up your reading tastes with great ebook deals. They’re striving to build their subscriber list. Check them out!

Thank you to eBook Soda for featuring my book!

Calling Kobo Owners…

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Recently, following the free promotion of HEAD OVER HEELS, a Kobo reader emailed me to let me know that something wonky was going on with the em dashes—these things—in her copy of the book. I don’t own a Kobo ereader, so I can’t check to see if this was an isolated incident or if something warped in the Kobo conversion/upload process. The ePub edition that was uploaded to Kobo way back in August 2012 looks flawless on my end, using the Adobe eReader app.

This particular reader has a standard Kobo with no bells and whistles. If you recently downloaded HEAD OVER HEELS from Kobo during the free promotion, or if you already had a copy that you had purchased on your Kobo ereader prior to the promotion, can you please contact me either through my website email address or the message function of my Facebook author page and let me know if you experience the same formatting issue?

This is what it looks like, according to my reader:

Instead of having em dashes—these things on either side of “these” and WORD—she’s seeing Ì — Ì, those two big I type characters with the accent to the left on top, except not in bold (I bolded it for effect here).

I don’t sell a lot of books through Kobo, so this is the first I’ve heard of the possible glitch. I’d like to get it addressed if it isn’t an isolated incident.


HEAD OVER HEELS Large Print Cover

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Last year I sold the Large Print rights to HEAD OVER HEELS to F.A. Thorpe in England. I knew the book would be coming out in Large Print sometime in 2014, but I didn’t know precisely when. Well, I don’t think the Large Print copy is available for libraries and institutions yet, however, the release date is listed on Amazon as February 1, 2014, so it should be available in the UK soon. Imagine my surprise and delight when, this past week, I received author copies in the mail. It’s always fun to see a book in a different edition. HEAD OVER HEELS has also appeared in Manga (comic book) form in Japan. You can view that cover here, on my Foreign Editions page.

Below, voila the cover of the Large Print edition coming to Linford Romance by F.A. Thorpe in the UK. I think it’s very catchy. The book is a lot thicker in Large Print, by the way (which I knew would occur, naturally, but it’s still cool to see the actual finished product). When I get time, I’ll upload the cover to the F.E. page.