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Get My Authorgraph!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Get a free Authorgraph from Cindy Procter-King

I’ve signed up for Authorgraph, a website service that allows readers to request electronic autographs of ebooks, audiobooks, and even paper books. If you want an e-autograph for HEAD OVER HEELS, just click the graphic above. Pretty cool, huh?

Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire are also on Authorgraph. Here’s my page at the site. I’ll add WHERE SHE BELONGS and BORROWING ALEX a little later.

Speaking of WHERE SHE BELONGS, I’ve been working very hard this week because I have some news. Come back tomorrow to check it out.

I know, I’m a tease. A book-tease.


Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Cindy Procter-King on StoryFindsYesterday Deceiving Derek was a featured Daily Special at StoryFinds, and you can still find the link on their Daily Specials page (scroll down, it should be about second from the bottom, depending on how many Specials they’re featuring today).

StoryFinds also gave me an author page, which features all my books that are available electronically. Check them out!

Cyber Monday at Kobo: My Books All 50% Off!

Monday, November 26th, 2012

It’s Cyber Monday at Kobo, and I’ve just been informed that HEAD OVER HEELS, Deceiving Derek, and Catching Claire are all being featured in the 50% off promotion. That’s right, 50 percent off!! If you have a Kobo, now’s the perfect chance to take a chance on my romantic comdies.

You must use the promo code to get the discount: 50Cyber

Happy Cyber Monday!

New Newsletter Sign-Up From Success!

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Lo and behold, I have successfully updated my blog sidebar, including adding the new sign-up form for my fancy new newsletter, which is shinier and prettier and all-around way more amazing than it was before (hard to imagine, I know).

See it, see it? It’s in the upper right hand corner of my blog. (Hint, if you’re not reading this post on my blog, you can’t see the newsletter sign-up form, so maybe you should visit my blog right now and have a look).

See how you can choose whether you want the newsletter targeted to your regular ol’ email inbox or, yes, OR, optimized for your smartphone? Please, no applause. I don’t have a smartphone so I have no idea how my newsletter looks on one, although I did choose a simple layout to make it look better on a phone than it otherwise might. Plus, a couple of test bunnies have assured me the newsletter looks FANTABULOUS on their phones.

Go ahead and test out the form by inserting your email address, clicking the format of your choice, and clicking Subscribe. If you already belong to my newsletter, you’ll get a message telling you so. If you don’t already belong to my newsletter, you’ll probably get a chance to opt out via one of those newsletter sign-up confirmation emails. If that doesn’t happen, then you’ll have to suffer until the next edition of the newsletter appears, at which point you can click the unsub link at the bottom of said newsletter.

But why would you want to unsub? :::blinking innocently:::


Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

In the Brilliance is Moi department, I have finally uploaded the audiobook demo for WHERE SHE BELONGS to my webiste. Click the link to visit the page. Once you’re there, click Listen to Demo (to right of book cover or also below book cover) and the demo will pop up in a new window (if you have a media player installed, that is).

The narrator is R.E. Chambliss, who also narrated BORROWING ALEX. She is, like, all sorts of awesome. Like.

Now to move onto actually updating this blog. My blogroll is out of date, and I need to pop in the new covers for Deceiving Derek and Catching Claire. I also need to update the Newsletter signup box. If you use the old box (upper right) before I’ve updated, never fear, I shall be informed and will update my new newsletter program accordingly. An edition just went out the other day.

Catching Claire on NOOK

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

That says it all! Catching Claire, Story 2 in LOVE & OTHER CALAMITIES, is now on NOOK.


In other news, I am using MailChimp to design my new newsletter. It’s been a bit of an, um, challenge. I HOPE to send out the first edition this week. The newsletter sign-up form on this blog will still take you to the old Yahoogroups newsletter, which I have not yet disabled. Just in case my MC experiment doesn’t work out. The MC sign-up form, however, is on both my Contact page and the Home page (it’s a graphic on the Home page. Just click the graphic, and magic will happen). FYI.