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WHERE SHE BELONGS at Canadian Amazon!

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Lo and behold, this morning I checked Canadian Amazon and saw that WHERE SHE BELONGS is finally “order-able.” Slow shipping, which means they aren’t likely keeping copies in stock but ordering them as needed. Right now the site says “Usually ships within 1-2 months,” and if you bundle with other books (or order more than one copy!) free shipping applies.

There you go, my Canadian friends. Order away! But be patient re: the delivery time. Five Star/Cengage sells primarily to libraries, so I’m thrilled that Canadians can order the book off Canadian Amazon at all.

In case you need another link to the page on Canadian Amazon, here it is. And thank you so much!

Shipping from Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

WHERE SHE BELONGS is now shipping from Amazon (U.S.) and Barnes and Noble! Tell your friends, tell your buddies, tell your chipmunks.

Canadian Amazon still shows as Temporarily Out of Stock. Hopefully, that situation will change next week. However, Canadian Amazon does say that you can order the book now and they’ll ship when available (the Add to Cart button is clickable). For all I know, that means they won’t order in a copy until a customer asks them to. So if you’re waiting for Canadian Amazon to say the books are in stock, maybe…just go ahead and order now (for those of you who have been asking me, and, all right, for those who haven’t been asking, too).

Because of my laser surgery, I haven’t been able to update my Books page with this information, but if you’d like to get your librarian to order in a copy of the book, please print out the Five Star/Cengage Winter 2011 Catalogue and Order Form (handy-dandy link provided) and take it in to them.

Updated Release Date News

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Thanks to those who offered their commiseration on my release day SNAFU for my contemporary romance, WHERE SHE BELONGS. Usually if a book or magazine is dated, for example, January 2012, the issue or copy appears for sale during December. For example, I placed an ad  for WHERE SHE BELONGS in the February 2012 edition of RT BookReviews. Well, that edition will be on newsstands and in subscribers’ hands by January 10th or thereabouts. It’s not common for the “release date” to arrive before the “on-sale” sate, but in the case of my book that’s what happened.

C’est la vie! I’ll survive. And hopefully so will the sale of my book! If I hadn’t been so preoccupied with my laser eye surgery (recovery coming along), I might have questioned the Amazon and Barnes and Noble information.

In preparing this post, I checked Amazon again and the site is now saying WHERE SHE BELONGS will be in stock December 27th—next week!

No more info yet from Barnes and Noble.

I also have updated news for librarians. Or, rather, a link to the Five Star Winter Catalogue, which includes ordering information and a promo that can be applied to orders of my book. So if you’re eager to read a copy but don’t usually buy hardcover, or if you’re a frequent library patron, please direct your librarian to the PDF catalogue. Or visit the link yourself, print the pertinent pages of the catalogue and deliver them to your librarian. I am eager to make some library sales.


Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Thank you to everyone who participated in my contest for a trade paperback ARC of WHERE SHE BELONGS plus one of either BORROWING ALEX or HEAD OVER HEELS.

Julie Barrett won the draw!

Congratulations, Julie. Please look for an email from me in your in-box.

Release Day SNAFU Give-Away

Monday, December 19th, 2011

My release day glitch for WHERE SHE BELONGS is turning out to be a bigger SNAFU than I realized. I’ve learned from other Five Star authors with the same release date that some readers who have pre-ordered December 16th “release date” books from Amazon and Barnes and Noble have received notices that the books aren’t available and do they wish to cancel their pre-order?

Well, the books ARE available, but not until the “On Sale” date of January 6, 2012. Now, I always knew that the books were considered to be shipping on December 16th and would not be available in libraries or for sale in bookstores (that have ordered them) until the January “On Sale” date. But I did not realize that Amazon and Barnes and Noble would show them releasing on December 16th (ie. available for shipping on that date) and then turn around and switch to the “On Sale” date of January 6th. Mea Scratchy Laser-Surgery-Recovery-Mode Eyeballs! What a SNAFU.

Somehow, my brain thought that “On Sale” date applied to brick and mortar establishments. Turns out—heh heh—it applies to on-line venues, as well. No matter what those on-line venues were saying a week ago.

So…if you’ve pre-ordered my book and received one of these emails asking if you want to cancel your order, please know that supposedly the books will magically appear available again on January 6th. Do what works for you. Cancel your pre-order, or keep it going, cancel and re-order when the books appear on-line, or cancel and don’t re-order because Cindy is an airhead and who wants to read an airhead’s books?

How about if you win a free book?

My hardcover author copies of WHERE SHE BELONGS are all already spoken for, however, I still have trade paperback ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) that Five Star/Tekno supplied me with for garnering reviews, etc. These trades paperbacks feature the same cover and the insides are the same except for a handful of typos that I found at the proofing stage (the ARCs were also used for proofing).

To make up for my release day SNAFU, I’m giving away one of my remaining WHERE SHE BELONGS ARCs. Autographed! And, while I’m at it, you can choose one of either HEAD OVER HEELS or BORROWING ALEX (trade paperback) to go along with the ARC of WHERE SHE BELONGS.

If you’ve read both HEAD OVER HEELS and BORROWING ALEX, I will mail you two copies of WHERE SHE BELONGS in ARC form and you can give one to a friend. They aren’t perfect—some minor edge wear. But they’re totally readable and enjoyable!

To enter to win an ARC of WHERE SHE BELONGS along with your choice of either HEAD OVER HEELS or BORROWING ALEX, please leave a comment at the end of this post. I will choose the winner’s name December 24th and email you at the email address provided for your snail-mailing info. The books will go in the mail around December 27th (post offices aren’t open on December 26th in Canada).

The winner must live in North America.

Meanwhile, the excerpts I had planned to share this week will wait until I know for sure this time that the books are available to order.

Happy Holidays, and good luck!

Note: If you are reading this post at a feed at Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, etc., please note that you must leave a comment at Muse Interrupted to enter.

A Wee Release Day Glitch

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I’m about to leave for my laser eye surgery, but I wanted to update readers of my blog that apparently (or so I’ve found out from other authors) Five Star/Cengage books begin shipping on the publication date, which is today for my contemporary romance, WHERE SHE BELONGS, but that the books won’t actually arrive “on sale” at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., until the stock gets there, which might be early January. Or might be next week.

So if you want to support this author, feel free to click the pre-order links, knowing your copy will ship out at the earliest opportunity. And please know that I appreciate ALL my readers and I thank you all.

Meanwhile, enjoy the excerpt I posted earlier today, and there are two more excerpts coming next Monday and Wednesday.