Head Over Heels Large Print Sale!

Woot! HEAD OVER HEELS is coming out in large print! I’ve accepted an offer from Ulverscroft in England for large print softcover world rights in the English language. So if you’re a German publisher and you want to buy large print German rights, no problem, those and other languages remain available.

Not that I think publishers are peeking at my website, but you never know. That’s how I sold BORROWING ALEX to Greece and HEAD OVER HEELS to Japan, after all. Those publishers came looking.

In the case of Ulverscroft, I queried like normal. So I went looking for them, and I was surprised to hear after only four months, which is very short in trad publishing land. 🙂

I am excited that HEAD OVER HEELS will be my first book out in large print, so people with vision problems who still prefer paper books can read and enjoy it.

The book will be published in the next 18 months and placed in libraries in England and also some in North America, plus in other institutions for visually challenged readers.

Go, HOH!

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