A Thank You to My Readers…

Hey,¬†everyone, let’s face it, there are soooo many fantastic books available to read these days and only so much time…

Sometimes, even when you would dearly love nothing more than to get lost in an emotional story or laugh along with characters who begin to feel like friends as you get to know them, other items top your to-do list.

And some days, some weeks, some months, and, yes, even some years, that to-do list just seems to grow longer and longer. And you begin to wonder when you’ll have time for yourself. To do the things you really want to.

Some years are more challenging than others.

Some days are a breeze, while others are a chore.

I have a TBR pile too. So I know how it is. And, wow, do I have to-do lists! And so do many of my characters, I’ve come to realize. To-do lists, master life plans, kooky missions, and crazy schemes ~ they really do run the gamut.

So, whether you’ve had a chance to take a well-deserved break and read one of my books or my entire library, whether you’ve started a series and are eagerly awaiting more or if you have yet to take a virtual vacation in a CindyPK world, YOU make a difference in my life as an author ~ and I hope I make a difference in yours.

I want to say…THANK YOU for reading my books.

THANK YOU for telling your friends when a story touches you or makes you laugh.

THANK YOU for finding time to leave a review.

Thank you for just being here and sharing my journey. It means so much!

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