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Tell Me Tuesday

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I’m still not feeling up to par, but slowly getting better. Have I mentioned that my computer crashed Friday night? While I was deathly ill, but somehow managing to access my email? I was researching how to get a microwave oven to set on fire for my WIP, honest. In fact, just as I was sending off an email to my handy-dandy crimescenewriters listserv in reply to a member’s helpful response to my first email, the system crashed. I had to do a system restore with Norton GoBack, which has never failed me in the past. But it failed me Friday. Norton Ghost got into the act and bungled up the works. I had to uninstall Ghost to get my system to behave. Then, yesterday, I discovered that I could no longer access certain programs, my thumbdrive wasn’t working, I lost my calendar file and SuperNotecard file for my WIP, somehow Java decided to take a hike. Agh!! On Friday, when my system blew, My Liege was downstairs on his laptop and told me he was in the process of downloading Windows updates. So I’m blaming the crash on the Updates. I must have been downloading them at the same time.

I spent most of yesterday fixing poor little Delbert (the computer) (yes, it’s a Dell). Thank Elle Muse I back up regularly…except I hadn’t yet backed up those two important WIP files. Bad me. But at least they weren’t manuscript files (praise be to Elle!)

I still run Windows XP, which I love because my last OS was ME, which was horrible, but taught me a lot about how to fix computers because I had to reformat that baby every six months. Now I’m shopping for a laptop for Youngest Son’s high school graduation. I’ve heard horror tales about Vista, but the XP pickings are pretty slim. If anyone has laptop recommendations and any input about Vista, please tell me.

My Tuesday can’t be any worse than the last several days. In fact, I’m counting on it to be a heckuva lot better. I have my Alter Ego’s page proofs out of the way for her December ’08 release, and after I finish rebuilding the calendar and SuperNotecard file for my WIP, I’ll be back to work revising the scenes I barfed out last week before I fell ill.

Please someone tell me that they have better news to share on this Tuesday than that they’ve been sick, their computer crashed, and they lost WIP files. I need to hear some good news! I’m happy to hear bummer news and give cyber-hugs, but gimme, gimme, gimme some good news! Someone. Anyone. Please!!