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Agents Who Write

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I accidentally found out while surfing the web a few months ago that agent Lucienne Diver is also a writer (in case you’re wondering, the link leads to her writer’s website, not her agenting website). (Want her agenting website, too? Sheesh! Okay, okay!). She’s represented by Kristin Nelson, has a couple of short stories and a novel with Five Star published under the name, Kit Daniels. Her first novel as Lucienne Diver, VAMPED, releases this year.

I already knew that agent Roberta Brown publishes as Kate Angell, and Deidre Knight publishes as, well, herself. I know there are other agents out there who are also published writers, but their names escape me at the moment.

Some authors are dead-set against having an agent who writes. I confess I used to think that way, too. Now, my concern is much more along the lines of how would OUR author/agent relationship work and thrive regardless of whether the agent is also a writer or not? Personally, I would not discount an agent who writes, but I know there’s another viewpoint. If anyone cares to extoll the pros of NOT signing with an agent who writes, I’m all ears. Is having an agent who writes an advantage, a disadvantage, or…it depends?